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We are building a new quality in the Polish American football. And all this on solid ground! We have chosen Brett Morgan as a Head Coach. 35-year-old American, who has been working in the world’s best league NFL, Canadian Football League and is the Turkish Champion. He is also part of Nike Elite 11 project as a quarterback instructor. On the organizational site on the lead is Rolf Helers (Denmark) - before investing in Krakow Tigers, CEO of Dnl-Limited Reruitment, one of our Main Sponsors.

Wieliczka Dragons is the team with great ambition! With many experienced players from Poland and from the USA, as well as with the international coaching staff
(details to be announced soon), we want to take part in the Polish 2nd division 2020 competition and to qualify to the elite (Liga Futbolu Amerykańskiego). Not only winning the league, but also not losing a single game!

We believe that together we may build a solid organization - sportingly strong, but also
giving lots of positive emotion and joy to the fans, being and added value to
the whole Polish sports environment.

Enjoy and give joy! - this is our motto!

Stay tuned!

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