Aksel Kocyła: The best offer

Aksel Kocyła: The best offer

„I had many offers, also from abroad. I have decided on Wieliczka Dragons, because the project promises to be really interesting. There can only be one goal – a triumph in the league, the Championship!” – declares Aksel Kocyła, new experienced lineman of the Dragons from Wieliczka.

You were a „Bear” from Berlin and you have become a „Dragon” from Wieliczka. You are a very experienced player. Probably you weren’t complaining about a lack of offers. However, you have chosen a completely new project of Wieliczka Dragons. What has convinced you?

It’s true – I’ve had plenty of offers, from Poland and from abroad. I have chosen Wieliczka, because after delving into the team’s plans, the project promises to be really interesting!

You have been gaining your experience not only in Poland, but also in the German League. How could you compare the level of the competition and which of your previous clubs was the strongest in retrospect?

In my opinion in Germany organization and play are on a higher level. However, the League has been functioning longer, so surely it is having a crucial influence. From among the clubs in which I played, it is hard to point the strongest one. From my point of view, every team has given me an essential experience. Despite everything, I will be always emphasizing that I have learned the most in Tychy Falcons, where I spent a good part of my career.

In your American football CV, you have players and coaching entries. To what extend such a wider perspective is useful on the field?

The experience gained as a coach is helping me a lot during matches, mainly in terms of the tactics. I’m often able to give some tips to the Quarterback or to the Coach, emphasize weaknesses of a rival or to give a clue which play might be the best solution at the time.

What are your greatest strengths as a player?

Determination to succeed! I never quit and I’m always playing to the whistle. What’s more – I learn quickly and I easily adapt to the strategy and coach’s expectations

What are your goals in Dragons Wieliczka?

There can be only one goal – the Championship! I certainly hope that we’ll do our best to finish the season with the Championship title.

Interview by Damian Juszczyk
Wieliczka Dragons Press Office

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