Łukasz Lau: I want to be a pillar of Wieliczka Dragons defense!

Łukasz Lau: I want to be a pillar of Wieliczka Dragons defense!

„Very good quarterback, tough defense and experienced core of the team are the keys to success and to fight for a promotion. We can afford to build the strong team!” – assures Łukasz Lau, former TopLiga runner-up and the new, one of the most titled players of Wieliczka Dragons.

You were the Polish Vice-Champion. Now with Dragons Wieliczka you aim to play in the 2nd division and to fight for the promotion. Is it a step backwards to take two steps forward afterwards?

In my opinions, besides four teams, the rest of the clubs in Poland are on a comparable level and I don’t treat it as a step backwards. Fighting for a championship is always nice – especially in the team for which LFA2 league is “just a stop” and which is aiming high. I have started preparation in September and, like every year, I intend to be in top form for the season.

You have performed in regarded as the best league in Europe – German Football League, what the majority of professional players dreams about. Is it really the highest organizational and sports level? How much we are missing to match this level?

It’s definitely the best league in Europe. Players from the USA, who have rubbed against the NFL, go to GFL1. Furthermore, the Germans play American football for more than forty years and we have been doing it for fifteen years, so the gap is natural – particularly the financial one. I’d compare LFA1 to GFL2.

At the beginning of your career, you had also played in the lower leagues. What factors, in your experience, are mainly decisive for the final success?

I think that the keys to the promotion are: very good quarterback, tough defense and – what is particularly important – experienced core of the team. To my mind, it guarantees playing in the finals of the LFA2 and is only a short step to the LFA1 TOP6.

You could have chosen among the many offers in Poland, maybe not only in Poland. What were the biggest assets of Wieliczka Dragons proposal?

I like new challenges, including building something new from scratch. A current level of American football in Poland is high enough to tell that Wieliczka Dragons can afford to build the strong team, based inter alia on transient players. Especially in the South of the country, where a number of the teams is most numerous.

What do you wish to, first of all, bring to the Dragon Army?

I wish to properly represent the Dragons and to be a pillar of our defense!

Interview by Damian Juszczyk
Wieliczka Dragons Press Office

photo: Slaweg – Foto / Sławek Boczkowski (Warsaw Eagles)

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